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Facial Rejuvenation



Chinese medicine has been practiced for almost 5,000 years and has proven to be a powerful healing modality. The Chinese have known that beauty comes from the inside and that by changing the energy flow within the body, healing and rejuvenation naturally occur. Where healthy blood flows, circulation is improved and the body feels and looks better.
It was noted in the International Journal of Clinical Acupuncture, 1996, that 90 percent of 300 cases treated with facial acupuncture had remarkable results with the first treatment. The report said there were fewer wrinkles, greater elasticity and tone of facial muscles.

Most people want to feel and look their best and enhance their natural looks. The results of my treatment will be far more profound than simply improving one's appearance. My program treats the imbalances of the internal body as well as the outward signs of aging that appear on the face. Not only will the treatments encourage a healthy radiance, but will also restore your innate balance to good health. When there is a healthy change within the body, the face becomes clearer and looks more youthful. A face of natural beauty comes from a healthy body. Through this process of individualized treatments, I will work with you to slow the process of aging from within and to promote overall good health and well being, resulting in a toned and vibrant face.

My facial rejuvenation treatments take into consideration your lifestyle, foods eaten, necessary rest and exercise, avoidance of excessive toxins, including sun, alcohol, smoking, exhaust fumes and emotional stress. The face is a reflection of the entire body and is a powerful diagnostic tool to show what is going on within. Because this program works from the inside out, as well as focused treatment to the face, balances and harmony within the body will occur, as well as a noticeable change to your appearance. When there is internal harmony, the face shows less stress and is more youthful and relaxed.

Cosmetic Acupuncture is a virtually painless, non-surgical method of reducing the signs of the aging process. The technique uses acupuncture to erase years off the face. In fact, some say it can take five to ten years off the look of your skin. It involves the use of pin-like needles that are inserted into various acupuncture points on the face (such as wrinkles or frown lines). The stimulation brought on by the needles is meant to make blood rush to the face, causing it to become flushed. This is because facial acupuncture actually promotes the development of new collagen fibers under already-present wrinkles, in effect filing them in; making them appear less visible.

In addition to aiding in the elimination of fine lines, dark circles, and puffy eyes, cosmetic acupuncture has also been touted for the following benefits:

• Tightening of drooping eyelids
• More relaxed muscle tone
• Better circulation, leading to increased oxygenation of the skin

• Increased collagen production
• Less visible pores
• More controlled acne
• Moisturizing skin from inside, producing the appearance of healthier skin by giving rosy cheeks to those with dull, tired-looking skin


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